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About Matt Giordano

In the words of his students, practicing yoga with Matt Giordano is an “epic opportunity.” Be it a flow class, an anatomy-centered course or full day immersion, Giordano’s teaching always contains the element of “workshop”–breaking moves down into small, digestible pieces with precise language and clear, simple demos–so the intimidating and impossible may become doable. Matt ensures that no student walks away without morsels of new and repeatable knowledge. All the while, he maintains a sense of seamless flow, satisfyingly sweaty and detoxifying. It is this uncommon combination of fluid experience and “workshop” techniques that places Giordano among the upper echelon of instructors.

Thursday 21.3. 2019
Root Down, and Flow: 19:30 - 21-00 h.

Get connected to your foundation through strong and powerful standing poses. Expect to work every muscle from your hips down, building strength and awareness within a sequence that make you sweat and will leave you completely detoxified with a smile on your face. Expect to gain a new perspective that will bring curiosity and excitement to traditional poses. We will go beyond surface level mundane alignment and open up new doors  that will leave you feeling a new sense of power in your body.

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