Tulayoga Basics Workshop


Tulayoga is a subtle, profound and powerfully transformative treatment that one person gives to another in a peaceful environment.
It is meditative, inward looking and primarily focused on the therapeutic benefits of surrendering control and the release of physical and emotional tension.

The Tulayoga Basics Workshops are a 2 day introduction to the practice of Tulayoga.
Previous experience in bodywork, yoga or meditation is helpful but not essential.
You do need to be physically fit and in connection with your body.
The workshops are supportive, informal and everyone is welcome.

To begin, you will be shown how to use the balancing axes in your arms and legs to support the weight of another person above you on your hands and feet, using balance and alignment rather than force and tension.

You will then practice 8 fundamental release postures and the transitions between them so that you can begin to feel at ease in a basic Tulayoga series.
You will also be introduced to ways of using timing, touch, breathing and intention to bring yourself and the person you are treating into a deeper state of relaxation.

The Tulayoga Basics weekend gives you an insight into the pleasure of giving and receiving Tulayoga treatments and an understanding of the feelings, effects and therapeutic benefits of the various postures.
It also brings your strength and sensitivity together into a concentrated, harmonious and effective flow and allows you to enter into a calm, caring and peaceful state of consciousness with others.

For more information on Tulayoga, please go to www.tulayoga.com

The workshop will be held at
Yoga Rendezvous,
Marienstraße 2a,
4020 Linz

Schedule for both days 10.00-13.00 & 16.00-18.00

FEE : 260€

There are a maximum of 15 places for this workshop as I prefer to teach small groups and give more individual attention.
Please reserve your place in advance by contacting Barbara Huemer
+43 664 9198333

If you are interested you can also order a Tulayoga Basics Manual in advance via this link http://www.tulayoga.com/tulayoga-basic-manual.html


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